Nurse Advice Line and Medication Refills

(Call 410-465-7550 and choose the Triage Nurse option)


8 PM-7:30 PM Monday - Thursday
8 AM-4 PM Friday
8 AM-11:30 AM Saturday

Messages left during business hours will be returned as soon as possible, usually within two hours. Messages left when the office is closed will be returned anytime on the next business day. Our nurses speak English only. Please leave a message speaking clearly and spelling the patient name, their date of birth, your name, and a phone number where you can be reached.    

Nurse Advice Line

To permit our physicians to spend as much time as possible with patients during office hours, our senior nurses regularly take medical phone calls throughout the working day.  They have been specially trained to give advice about common physical and behavioral problems, medications and parenting issues.  In some situations they may decide that the problem is urgent enough to require a same day sick appointment instead of over the phone advice.  If your child's condition worsens after receiving any advice from this office, please do not hesitate to call back.

Prescriptions and Refills

New medications will not be prescribed over the phone.  This is especially true for antibiotics.  Because of the over-use of antibiotics,  we are now in a situation where many antibiotics have a diminished effectiveness for many common bacterial infections.  We do not prescribe antibiotics for the common cold (a viral infection).  If your child has a fever, we will only prescribe an antibiotic if we determine, by an examination in the office (and if needed, laboratory tests), that your child has a bacterial infection that will respond to an antibiotic.

For refill requests, please have the name of the medication, the dosage schedule, the prescription number, and pharmacy phone number available when you call.  In some cases we may decide that a reevaluation of the patient is appropriate before we can renew any long-standing medications. Also, please call the prescribing providers office if you did not receive the medication from us.